Creative Team

Idea and production

LetsGo Company


LETSGO is a show promoter and producer created in 2009 and based in Spain, both in Getxo and Madrid.

From the very beginning our team works eagerly in order to bring to Spain first class international products. Shows such as“Slava’s Snow Show”, “Pilobolus-Shadowland”, “Fuerza Bruta”, “Swan Lake on Ice”, “Balagan” or “SOAP” confirm it.

The mixing of youth and experience, together with its dynamism and enthusiasm has placed LETSGO at an enviable positioning within the show business, being fortunate enough to work with the best scenic settings all over the country.

Always willing to learn and to start new projects, the last adventure LETSGO is taking a part of is the creation and development of its own shows like the successful play “The Hole”, born in Madrid and exported to Las Vegas, or like our beloved “Eoloh!”

Always searching for innovative products and projects that involve a challenge, LETSGO grows with each and every production and believes in the need to keep on learning each and every day.



Plot, play writing and direction

Manuel Coronado

CBig events creative, director and producer: Opening Ceremony of Universal Exhibition in Seville “Expo Sevilla”, Expo Lake Night Party, Street theatre performances in Expo Lisbon, Fiestaventura show in Portaventura, Warner amusement Park opening, Alpine sky World Championship Opening Ceremony in Granada, Athletics World Championship in Seville, Equestrian Olympics in Jerez, Carmen Opera in Seul, Reveillón in Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, Xacobeo audiovisual shows in Santiago de Compostela, Lux Greco Toledo, Feliz Navidad Madrid (Merry Christmas Madrid) in Cibeles, Real Madrid FC celebrations since 2000, Barça FC’s 100 years anniversary celebration, Granada y Lorca show in La Alhambra, la Bella Helena musical in Teatro Mérida…

A pioneer integrating new technologies and special effects into theatrical plays, a prizewinning artist in multiple areas of entertainment and communications.




Teresa Nieto


Dancer, choreographer and director of Teresa Niego en compañía since 1990. Founding member of the Bocanada company, co-director and dancer of the Arrieritos company. She cooperates with several stage directors in the fields of theater, opera, musical and zarzuela (Spanish operetta). She creates diverse choreographies for contemporary dance and flamenco companies. She’s been awarded with the Premio Nacional de Danza 2004 (National Dance Prize), Premio de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid 2002 (Madrid Community Culture Award), Premio Villa de Madrid 2007, and several Premios Max.






Circus Direction

Vladymyr Tatarchuk

As a member of the Ukrainian national team from 1998 to 2001,Vladimir Tatarchuk competed at the highest levels of sports acrobatics and attained the status of “International Master of Sport’.

He has performed acrobatics in banquine troupes, as well as in a men’s pair and a mixed pair. Together with with his partner Joanna McMenamin he has made a range of acts including an acrobatic adagio, static and flying silks, aerial ring, and trapeze.

Vladimir is a founder of Circus Guide Entertainment Pty Ltd, and has extended his stage experience casting and producing circus acts, as well as coordinating artists for circus shows.





Set and costume design

Miguel Brayda


Miguel Brayda is a multidisciplinary creative with a vision that skillfully combines creativity and efficacy. Set designer (Scenography National Price winner), window dressing designer, graphic designer, sculptor and painter, he’s got a wide experience generating atmospheres and feelings. He’s renowned by a wide range of works developed with lucidity and a personal viewpoint, providing any project with viability.





Lightning design

Juanjo Llorens


He’s developed lightning designs in different areas of scenic arts: theatre, festival production, dance shows, musicals, circus, opera and Spanish operetta. He’s also taken a part into both conception and production of big events of very different nature, from Real Madrid’s celebration of King’s Cup 2011 to the Cinema Festival in Malaga between 2004 and 2009 or the lightning, set and audiovisual design together with Mario Romero of the band Amaral  2008-2009 “Dragón rojo, gato negro” tour.

With an award-winning career, he’s been Finalist of Max awards several times and he’s received prices such as Premio Max 2011 with “La función por hacer”, Premio Jara 2011  of profesional theatre from Extremadura with the show “Torero” or Premio Josep Solbes 2007 to best lightning in scenic arts in Valencia thanks to "El cuarto paso".